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I create representational oil paintings using the alla prima technique.  With alla prima painting, a work is completed while the paint is still wet.  Using this wet-on-wet technique, I often employ thin, transparent washes along with impasto texture which add depth and interest to my paintings.   The time limitation of this technique motivates an energetic pace to my work and helps to keep my inspiration fresh. I prefer to paint from life and am inspired by the effects of light and shadow in the world around me.  Black paint is not part of my palette.  I use color mixes and complements for shadows and lowering color intensity.  My limited color palette offers a virtually infinite color range and helps me to organically achieve color harmony.   I enjoy exploring the new inspirations I find each day.
Pamela Blaies works with oils to create representational art.  She discovered her passion for painting soon after starting a family.  Her small children were sad about their recent move, so to lift their spirits she began to create murals on their bedroom walls.  She found herself anticipating each morning filled with painting.  Compelled to explore this newly discovered part of her, she began to experiment with painting on canvas.  These first steps were just the beginning of her lifelong commitment to the pursuit of painting.  She works "alla prima" style, finishing each piece while the paint is still wet.  
Pamela is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionists Society and American Women Artists.  She has had the opportunity to study with talented and accomplished artists and has also discovered that self-study and experimentation work well for her as she continuously strives to grow as an artist.  Through dedication, study and hard work, she pursues her art with enthusiasm.  While nurturing her passion for painting, she has learned to [...]

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