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Raised in a small Vermont town in the mid 70s, I played in the Willow branches that swept the ground, tasted the raw sap of Maples, and ran through tall grasses and corn high fields. I spent hours each week sitting along the banks of the Connecticut River, watching it drift by without a sense of time. I was free and mostly alone, loving nature. Like a child clings to its mother...I clung to the Earth and developed a deep love for her and her 'life giving energy'.
I was 7 years old when I took my first few painting lessons, and immediately fell in love with the scent of linseed oil, mingling with the wood smoke in Ms. B’s studio.  Short lived it was, my time with Ms. B gave me the foundation for knowing how to mix color, care for a brush, and capture a moment forever.
Painting and time in Nature have always been my medicine for surviving difficult times and celebrating beautiful ones. When I asked Spirit how I could give back to something so powerful and untouchable as the Earth's healing energy, the answer I received was to be a voice for it. My paintings are stories shared with me during quiet moments in nature - stories from the wind, the winged ones, the four-legged, treed and more. Each painting is meant to honor the connection of all life.  
I am predominantly a self taught painter living in Northern New Mexico with my husband and pup, building an off-grid place for Spiritual Renewal and Indigenous Wisdom sharing. I am also a steward for the Earth, a lover of all animals, a Transformational Coach, a fearless follower of my heart, and eternally curious. 

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