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Oxana Uryasev has graduated with Ph.D in Mathematics from Kiev University. Being a scientist, she transformed the imagined "probabilistic" forms into real objects on canvas. She tried to avoid but notice the cliches, and either satirically, but not maliciously, making fun of them. Not wanting to be restricted by eye limitations, her vision flew over reality and ends up in a logically inversed world. She does not follow any school and calls her art "inversionism", meaning flipping and rearrangement, which could be applied both to style and content. A game of meanings and perspectives of perception, moves from one position to another, turns the usual logic upside down, rearranges and shifts images.
Oxana’s work encompasses a broad sweep of subjects and emotions and her art swings from playful light-heartedness to deep introspection, from the love of nature her canvasses evoke, to the people she so loves. This panoply emerges from an eventful life that spans the stark and cold beauty of her Ukrainian childhood landscapes to the warmth and light of a North Florida day. Of particular note is her pallet of exquisite and contrasting hues guaranteed to brighten up any room, beckon attention, and demand thoughtful analysis. With a fine attention to detail and a style uniquely her own, I have no doubt you will enjoy Oxana’s joyous paintings as much as I do. As her talent and technique grow, I look forward to seeing ever more wonderful art from her in the future.
N. Breuer
Oxana is a highly prolific artist who has mastered many media.  She excels at oil painting, utilizing a variety of styles,from realism to surrealism, with exactitude, vivid imagination, and splashes of bright color.   Andrew Gordon 
¡Hace mucho que yo no veía una obra tan bella y tan fresca!
Me lo recomendó ver una amiga mía y de verdad le estoy muy agradecida.
Disfruté muchísimo. [...]

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