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“Being a self-taught artist has made me extremely eager to learn and every time I paint I am humbled by the thought of how much there is still to learn.  If I live to see 100, I hope I am still humbled by that thought.  I expect that in every painting, that passion, that sincerity presents itself no matter what medium I’ve chosen to express it in.”


Otto Stürcke was born in 1971 and grew up in Southern California. Primarily self-taught, Stürcke joined the U.S. Marine Corps in hopes of attaining financial aid to attend an art college. His plans were momentarily altered in 1991 when he was called to serve in Desert Storm. Soon after his military service, Stürcke enrolled in art workshops and courses at several local art associations and colleges while launching his illustration career under the mentorship of Mike Butkus. Working as an illustrator served Stürcke for honing many techniques and found pastels to be his principal medium of choice.
As a representational artist who is greatly influenced by the Dutch Masters, Otto Stürcke seeks to impart sincerity, contemplation, and an admiration for the classical in a contemporary world by depicting the personal, the emotional, and the quiet elegance in his paintings through light, shadow, and texture.  He aims to create an allegorical narrative and an intriguing balance within the realm of light and dark.In recent years, Stürcke has garnered recognition and several awards for his works including the title of Master Pastelist and the Art Spirit Foundation Dianne B. Bernhard Gold Medal Award by the Pastel Society of America.  In 2020 he was invited to exhibit in the 6th Annual Zhuhai International Pastel Exhibition in China and for several years has been designated as part of the Butler Institute of American Art Selection.  His works are included in the American Latino Collective at the Smithsonian Museum and was nominated as "Best of 2012" by Art Los Angeles Magazine.  Other awards include, Best of Show & 1st Place Award at the 4th Annual Rejoice In Art! National Exhibition, 1st Place in Pastel Journal’s 19th Annual Pastel 100 Competition Animal/Wildlife Category, 1st Place in the 8th Annual Members Show of the Pastel Society of Southern California, [...]

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