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Osnat (Osy) Porat is an acrylic artist living in Ontario Canada. As a child, Osnat grew up in a house full of Arts and creativity, with a grandmother who painted landscape paintings in oil, and a mother who even during a busy and demanding career, used to make time to paint in watercolour and Sculpt to clear the hardships of the day. These two strong women are a great inspiration in Osnat's life and taught her that art and creativity are an integral part of everyday life.
Over the years, while raising children and maintaining rich family life, Osnat drew between daily tasks, sketched during the coffee breaks at the university, and continued to experiment with artworks combining different methods and mediums, on the weekends. In the last year, Osnat chooses her path as a full-time artist and marks the beginning of a new journey. 
The common themes in Osnat work are the Principle of harmony and the play between realism and abstraction. Osnat brings realism and abstraction together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewers into another world, she is exploring the area that lies between Realism and Abstraction and seeks to connect between the visual, cognitive, and unconscious networks to their manner of representation. Her Composite artworks are a combination of acrylic pouring techniques with realism painting, that changed and evolved over the years.
Osnat continues searching for her unique way of expression and sharing her worldview with her viewer. Although the paintings from the "Inspiration Collection" have a reading passage that explains the central idea of her artwork, Osnat is confident that viewers will find aspects of themselves and their worlds in her painting and add their interpretation.

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