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Oscar Aguilar Olea is an expressionist figurative painter, sculptor, and print maker from Guanajuato, Mexico. His signature technique includes  different types of egg tempera.
In the mid-1970’s, a group of twenty student artists from the school of Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City—of which I was a member—decided to take their art to the streets. We gave ourselves a name: SUMA, and began to use the fences of Mexico City as our canvas. As a result of the attention that our murals brought us, we were invited into local galleries and museums, as well as the first biennial for young artists in Paris, France. SUMA caught the attention of the public and the interest of artists like Rufino Tamayo, Juan Jose Arreola and others, and was given a place in the current evolution of Mexican Art. After five years, the group dissolved as each member decided to focus on their individual careers.
Following my involvement with SUMA, I dedicated several years to research techniques that include egg tempera al fresco, oils, watercolors, etchings, drawings, woodcutting, and sculpting. Now, as artist and a teacher, I continue to apply and research many of these techniques; I consider them part of the foundation of my artistic education.

2009 Art teachers training, Salvador elementary school Napa, CA.
1977 Drawing composition course,  Rolando Arjona Amabilis, Mexico.
1977  Course for Professors of Fine Arts INBA., Mexico.
1974-80 Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas E.N.A.P. "Academia de San Carlos" UNAM.
1973-75 Escuela Nacional de pintura y escultura "La Esmeralda" I.N.B.A, México.
2019 "Last work",Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA
2018 "Urban Stories", Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA
2017 “Unfinished lines”, Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA.
2017 “Interiors”, Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA
2016 “Golden light”, Nimbus Art Gallery, ST. Helena, CA
2015 "Recent Works", Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA
2014 "Lost Sequences", Vinoce Art Gallery, Napa, CA
2011-Present, Vinoce/Twenty Rows artist in residence, Napa [...]

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