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Born and raised in the Great White North, with bitterly cold winters and warm, mosquito filled summers, Heidi (nee: Andrejowich) learned to love the distinct change of seasons as well as the farm sculpted and wild habitat that surrounds Winnipeg, Canada.
From the vast prairie skies, this inquisitive soul has also inhabited the rolling, village dotted hills in Germany, the inspiring Rocky Mountains of Alberta,  and the over grown green jungles of Thailand.  Surprisingly, she now finds herself running along the beaches of the Washington Coast, staring out at the vast and cold Pacific Ocean, calling it home.
Always enjoying working with her hands in various mediums of arts, crafts and sewing, Heidi took her first formal set of oil classes with artist Arthur Egeli in January 2012, followed by some portraiture classes in 2013.  She has since taken workshops by Kim English (2013), David Cheifetz (2014), Trisha Adams (2014),  and Camille Przewodek (2016).
Due to the brilliant colors and amazing texture oil provides, she has fallen in love with buttering up a palette knife to create her art, resulting in what she dubs “loose realism”.
Heidi is grateful for a very supportive husband who has gently encouraged her to pursue her new passion of oils despite their growing family.  Raising their young family is currently her main focus, and she is enjoys the weekly outlet that painting provides.
A strong Christian faith has been passed down to her through the generations.  As she embarks in the art experience, she prays each painting will somehow portray a piece of The Master’s love.  Whether it be through brilliant colors or peaceful scenes, that one might in the end, ultimately find him or herself closer to our Great Canvas Painter.

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