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     Open Air Italy specializes in small plein air painting workshops and retreats that provide a relaxed, stress-free, but stimulating environment for furthering the participants' artistic endeavors.  All aspects of the workshops are carefully researched and planned.  Instructors are carefully chosen, as are accommodations.  We strive to provide painting sights that are varied and inspirational.     Workshops are limited to only eight participants, thus providing plenty of time for one-on-one teacher to student interaction.  This small number of participants also enhances the casual environment that is believed to be so important.  All instructors are highly successful and recognized in the art world, not only as artists but also as artists with a gift for teaching.     Locations for painting workshops are carefully chosen.  Accommodations must be comfortable and charming, and the food must be good.  The areas that Open Air Italy workshops visit are some of the most beautiful areas in Europe.  And, while it is true that beauty is important, Open Air Italy also tries to provide locations that are a little "off the beaten path".  It is important in the planning of accommodations, that there are special locations for the artist to easily visit and paint close by on their own, whenever inspiration strikes.  It is also important that the environment lend itself easily to relaxation and artistic camaraderie among the participants, but that each artist maintain their own personal space.  With this in mind, all accommodations are offered for single occupancy of artists.  Accommodations for the workshops come highly recommended and hold only positive reviews.  Most of the accommodations I have personally visited and experienced for myself.  And of course while all of the above is imperative, the price must still be kept at a level that is affordable.  In planning and providing these workshops, this is what I have tried to do.     In this [...]

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