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Hello and welcome :)
My name is Olga. Currently I live in Austria, originally I come from Ukraine.
Before my school age my parents have noticed that my drawings as a child gave an impression of being "alive"; thus, they brought me to an artist with whom I took some art classes. The artist advised my parents to  give me to an art school. This would mean either a boarding school (not acceptable for my over caring parents) or travelling daily to the capital bringing me to the art school and back. My family could not afford it. Now, decades after, my dad still regrets that they could not duly support me in developing as an artist. 
From that artist from my childhood I have one memory: at the end of the course together we've painted a very small image (frogs on the water) with oil paint. I still can recall the smell of the paints when it was fresh and afterwards, when it was standing in my bedroom. I even took the painting from time to time to catch a distant smell of the oil paint. Painting with oil became a dream for me.
In my school period I took some courses here and then, but art would never be a priority for me. So much to learn in this world! I was too curious and impatient. My favorite subject was math, to the extent of participating in the Math National Olympics. I finished the school with a golden medal and entered an International Christian University, a branch of an American University. Grown up in the Soviet environment - closed, regulated, limited - getting into an English-speaking university with American professors and study the Bible was a real shift in my mindset. For one summer semester I visited Vienna - that was a life-horizon [...]

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