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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.olaf.ca

  • Year Born: 1964

  • Large scale realism paintings

  • versatile

  • portraits and landscapes

  • Price Range: $1,500.00 - $28,000.00

The Artist Says:

I'm a husband, father of two and a grandfather of five acquired a strong foundational education in art while working full time at age 21 with Canada’s leading outdoor advertising companies Mediacom. Painting very large scale pictorials with some of the worlds finest artists. His art education has continued with independent and occasional formal studies in pictorial expression and oil painting. The resulting works display his affinity for the classical tradition. More particularly, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of my personal pictorial sensitivities; especially as they relate to beauty, form, light and shade, composition, color, and craftsmanship. A prolific Canadian painter, I'm inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape.  An explorer by nature, the artist travels across Canada, gaining inspiration and discovering new color combinations by painting outdoors on location.  My large-scale canvases are necessarily created in the studio. 

Dealers Say:

Olaf experiments with a variety of subjects -- from Canadian landscapes and canoe scenes to paintings of marbles, glass and chairs.  Through his art, he expresses his love for life and affinity for vibrant colour.  Olaf explains: “I paint an image and convey an emotional context that is accessible to the viewer.  I like to use expressive and thick impastoed brushstrokes or soft, blended strokes to render a sense of movement and texture, giving the painting a life of its own.  
My interpretation of color also sets the dynamic mood.  The tones often range from the darkest to the lightest in an effort to achieve maximum drama.  This creative combination of ‘information’ is spontaneous and intuitive.”

Other Artists Say:

Thanks to a chance encounter with Olaf at an artists supply store. I started taking lessons. During the last couple of years my work has improved dramatically. Olaf has taught me many things like the right tools, media , methods, composition, and so much more including the “business” of art. Knowing Olaf has meant that I now have my work in a gallery and have sold my art including commissions. Olaf has much more to teach and I  will always be learning . I dare say I am an artist .           Stuart Curtis

I really enjoyed taking the workshops with Olaf. He is a kind and patient teacher with a wealth of knowledge. I learned a lot and am inspired to use that to continue developing my own style. Participating in the workshops was a very positive experience and I'm so happy I took them         Liz Zahara 
Olaf is an amazing artist and just who you are looking for! He's located in the Toronto area and I worked with him back in the 80's. 
Olaf and I met up at an art exhibition in Toronto about 5 years ago and we've been in contact ever since. 
Let me know if you have any questions but Olaf's the one! 
He has wonderful teaching qualities - very personable, good sense of humor and he has a good eye for translating the 3D world into 2 dimensions - an all round outgoing, creative individual that I'm thankful to journey alongside! 
All very true! It's nice to have artists to collaborate and chat with that are authentic & like to share their knowledge in the flow of life~
Jackie Osmond Patrick - Artist & Teacher




Schneider (b.1964) is a husband, father of two, and grandfather of seven. He studied at the Ontario College of Art as well as Sheridan College. In 1986, while painting large scale outdoor advertising billboards for Mediacom, he acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work Olaf, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a "second look".  An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.. I am best known for my high realism style of painting.  It has been extremely rewarding to be recognized and awarded with the highest honours for much of my work both in Canada, USA, Europe (France & Austria).  My work can be found in private, corporate and museum collections such as the TD Bank collection, Sick Children’s Hospital (collections both in Toronto & Montreal), the Louvre in Paris. My training has been thorough and exceptional. My inspiration comes from painters such as Norman Rockwell and William Bouguereau. I am a true realism painter by the very definition of this genre. I like to paint in oil because it provides a luminosity.
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