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It was about 1986 that I got a call from a friend called me about a job that needed someone with my skills and asked if I would be interested.  It was the new movie that Ferdinando Scarfiotti, a Production Designer, was working on called TOYS with Robin Williams.  His last movie at the time was, “THE LAST EMPEROR”,  and it won many Academy Awards including Best Picture for 1982, and Ferdinando won the Academy Award for Production Designer. Ferdinando was a visionary and chose to try something new.  He wanted his set (white cardboard models?) to be made into computer graphics 3-D sets so he could move around inside of them, as if in real life.  When I showed him what I did, he asked me, ”When can you start?”  I wasn’t sure since I had never thought about making movies, but Nando said I would be perfect for it. So the next thing I knew, I was making movies!   One of the biggest benefits for me in these jobs was that I was working with some of the most talented artists in the business.  Some had been in the film industry for 30-40 years.  I was a new kind of artist to them - one that used a keyboard and mouse instead of a brush and pencil. Thankfully, they trusted and respected me as an equal and loved what I was doing. I thought that was amazing and tremendously exciting. There is a certain camaraderie in the movie business, a very strong bonding among artist sharing creative ideas. After working in the movies, television, and Walt Disney Studios, I retired at age 69.  It didn’t take me long to realize I was becoming very bored with retirement and had no creative outlet. I wanted to learn to paint as a [...]

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