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All my paintings are real places & a real experience My paint box has gone to many remote places around the world


      Norman Kelly has been painting professionally for over thirty five years and agrees with Edouard Manet, the French Impressionist who said, “One isn’t a painter if you don't love your job  and it isn’t enough to know your job, you’ve got to be excited by it.”
    Norman’s ambition is simply to become a good artist. He feels this will require a lifetime of study and work and hopes to retain the qualities of a student all of his life -always open to constructive criticism, new ideas and change. He knows there are no child prodigies in art, and no short cuts. He says, “The great challenge for me is painting landscape from life, and greater yet, to successfully include wildlife in such settings. My view of landscape painting closely follows Camille Pissarro, another of the Impressionists. The challenge being to not only capture the time of year but the time of day. To paint the mood of the day and at the same time put something of one’s self into it." Each painting is a real place and experience.
    Some of Norman’s painting trips have included Britain, Ireland, Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa several times. Norman visited Nepal and China in 1987. Part of the summer of 1989 was spent in the High Arctic. In 1990 he lived and traveled with the Polar Inuit [world’s most northerly people] in N.W. Greenland. The summer of 1991 was spent in the High Arctic -Cornwallis Island, Baffin Island and Bylot Island. In 1993 Norman visited South America and Antarctica. In the summer of 1994 he was back in the north on an Icebreaker to Greenland and Baffin Island. Although Norman has not had any recent trips to the Arctic, he continues to paint, and be inspired by the Far North. More recent [...]

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