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 An art review by Meg Nelson. writer for a local paper captured the essence of my work.  She said:  "Christopher is a self-described
"inside-out" artist.  It all comes from inside.  Bold abstracts, experiments in color, texture and forms are the result of her inward vision.  Blocks of intense colors in smoky, sensual backgrounds with hints of realism to capture the viewer's attention."
So where did this all come from?  
Noreen says:
I am a native Californian from Berkeley; moved to the San Jose area and for the past ten years live in Los Gatos. I came to the art world after a variety of careers:  high school business teacher; an entrepreneur with retail stores in the floral and fashion design business; a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology; and a career counseling private practice.  
The academic side of my life was well developed, but I  was tempted to engage the creative side of my brain with art classes at the local community college.  My interest in art and self-confidence was nurtured by studying privately and in workshops with the well-known master artist teacher Michael Linstrom.
Michael's teaching style resonated with the direction I wanted to pursue as a contemporary abstract artist.  He didn't require that I produce 
art the way he wanted it to be, but he gave me the tools I needed to achieve my artistic goals.  In due time I was able to compete in local art shows and I began showing my work in two galleries:  Los Gatos Museums Gallery and Cotton Works Homes.  
In March 2014  I was commissioned to do a 48 x 48 painting for the reception area of a new eye clinic in Irvine, CA.  Shortly after I entered
an art design competition in Cincinnati and was one of the finalists to exhibit and win a Purchase Award.  Other sales have continued [...]

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