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The Artist Says:

"Art is the offspring of interpretation and reality. Like a newborn baby, each work is a surprise."


After having graduated from Art Center College of Design,  Nora Koerber worked as a freelance illustrator for several years, then obtained an M.F.A. from C.S.U.L.A.  She taught at Otis Art Institute, C.S.U.N., and L.A.C.S.A. After teaching, she landed a full time job, illustrating tight storyboards and comps with Storyboardsonline.com for over a decade. She now freelances storyboard and comp work, and paints fine art, both plein air and studio; sometimes combination of plein air with some studio work. If the latter is the case, that will be specified.
Her main style is "Impressionistic Realism". She employs a Colorist approach to many of her paintings, but doesn't stray too far from realism. A degree of abstraction may be incorporated, to add texture, interest, and gesture. 
Ms Koerber is available for commissioned paintings, for any genre, such as portrait, landscape, seascape. Her fee is roughly calculated by united square inches, at $7.00 per square inch. All available paintings are priced at this same rate. Sales tax will be included in sales. Purchases may be made directly from the website. Please contact the artist for any inquiries at: [email protected] Thank you for your interest!

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