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"As a new homeowner, I've been looking for just the right pieces of art to fill my home. I was looking for something that evokes serenity and harmony in nature, in a place that I consider a sanctuary.
I was thrilled that I found exactly the artwork I needed to start my collection. Nishita's paintings are perfect with colors and scenes that are subtly atmospheric and tranquil."- Ainy H. 


Nishita is a watercolor artist living in Maryland, USA. Born in India, she moved to North America in 2008 to explore a new professional opportunity. As a child, growing up in a home that was filled with books and conversations about art, Nishita took to painting literally like a duckling takes to water. Along with two of her siblings, who were equally artistically inclined, she participated in numerous painting competitions and won awards for her artwork (including the Soviet Land Nehru Award in 1988).

Later, though she continued to pursue art as a serious hobby, her professional life revolved mainly around computer-based graphics and web design gradually transitioning into digital marketing over the years. Though mostly self-taught, Nishita has attended classes and workshops with a number of acclaimed watercolor artists, including Keiko Tanabe, Robert Coe, and Sarah Yeoman. Recently, she attended the Plein Air Convention, the world's largest plein air event, organized by Streamline Publishing Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In October 2018, Nishita's painting "Together Forever" was awarded the Don Patterson Award by juror and master artist, Alvaro Castagnet, for the Philadelphia Water Color Society's 118th Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper Exhibition.

Specializing in landscapes and florals, Nishita believes that a work of art is an experience, not just an object to be seen and admired. She finds the act of painting akin to meditation and considers her experiments and explorations in this field the biggest, ongoing adventure of her life. [...]

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