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Nina Ollikainen grew up along the coast in Southern California and has maintained a deep affinity with the ocean's edge.  Nina is a high school art instructor in Northern California. When she is not teaching, Nina is out hiking in the field and doing what she loves best, painting in plein air. Nina finds painting in this manner to be an exhilarating experience and a way to connect with nature. 
Nina has led a varied path that has intersected science and art.  Her early training was in natural science and medical illustration. In college, Nina illustrated a vertebrate biology lab textbook. She then went on to receive an M.D. and found time to do medical illustration during her training. Since that time, Nina has illustrated children’s books and worked as a scenic artist and designer, for theater and community opera companies. She credits seventeen years as a scenic artist with her ability to paint on a large scale with speed and confidence. The other strong influence in Nina’s art is that of Chinese Splash Ink Brush Painting, having studied under the tutelage of master brush painter, Professor Hou Bei-Ren who has mentored her for twenty years. The  combination of scenic art and brush painting to be a strong influence on her art. Nina enjoys working in all mediums and finds art to be a continual learning experience, filled with challenges and joy.

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