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Niki’s approach to painting is organic and colourful. Niki uses the natural properties of the paint and medium to create paintings with a wondrous sense of fluidity. Her work evokes a sense of peace and serenity that one can find in nature all around us.
Niki is a local artist, born in Ottawa, and currently paints in her studio at Studio Space Ottawa. She works in a variety of media, including watercolour, acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Niki has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood and has studied art under many talented artists throughout Canada and the United States.
Nature is Niki’s most vital source of inspiration. As a child growing up in rural Ottawa South, Niki spent much of her childhood playing amongst nature. She would spend her days exploring nearby creeks and trails. These fond memories of childhood continue to be felt in her current works, as her love of nature persists. Niki likes to paint what is close to her heart. She often paints the natural landscapes that surround her in her day to day life.
“I paint what I know and where I have been – mostly close to home – Major’s Hill Park at Parliament Hill, The Manotick Dog Park, the Rideau River, The Gatineau Parks, Go Home Lake in the Georgian Bay area and McGregor Lake in nearby Val des Monts. I continue to travel to neighbouring areas in search of the next feeling of awe. Even the sounds of the trees, water and wind and the smell of being outdoors play a role in galvanizing me.”

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