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My paintings are about the quest to find and express the poetry in all things. My landscapes are often metaphorical musings of places I'd like to be, or memoryscapes of places I have been.

Dealers Say:

"Gems for the soul." ~ Rich Nichols, Nichols Taos Gallery

Other Artists Say:

Nicole's landscapes are "Turner-esque and soulful."


There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, the mood, the vastness, the wildness, the eternal big spaceness of it.  ~Emily Carr
My work is an intuitive exploration into the essence of a subject. In my landscapes, I want to communicate a sense of awe about the expansiveness and generosity of nature. My goal is to make the viewer feel a place. I strive to capture the idea that a place can feel familiar yet still elusive.
Horizontal elements and expressive color often dominate my landscapes. Strong vistas and a distant horizon are the views that have captivated me since childhood. Memories of those landscapes on the prairies of western Canada and later the ocean views I treasured on the west coast are an enduring inspiration. Lately my travels across the southwest and great plains, as well as scenes viewed through a car window, can spark paintings later on. Observing and interpreting atmospheric conditions continue to intrigue me.
Paint is often laid on heavily with a variety of painting knives and other implements then scraped back and reapplied, revealing layers of transparent and opaque paints and thicknesses. The mood I wish to express in a painting will often determine texture, color and composition.
For the past several years, works-on-paper and abstracts have become a part of my main body of work. By using mixed media and relying on intuition and a sense of play, these pieces satisfy my desire to experiment with technique and materials.
My paintings have been juried into national and museum exhibitions, and I have had shows in Santa Fe, Taos, Denver and Indianapolis. My work resides in public and private collections across North America.
I share a joyous art life and studio in Colorado with my husband Wes, a noted plein air and wildlife painter.
28th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, [...]

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