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Nicole always having resided in the Canadian Pacific North Coast paints rich color, contrasts in light, shadow or color in all her work.  Her artwork captures the vivid greens, blue skies, and wildlife the North is noted for.  She believes art should show the passion with which it was created with.  "Art should be something you look at to enjoy and feel great about having!"    Nicole uses and is proficiant in many mediums and crates art work that will 'take you away!'.   Her search for new subject matter is an ongoing focus, and she lets the image dictate to her the art medium which would suit it best.  She has a long history of working artistically and painting since childhood. Initially learning painting and drawing from her mother, she continually has taken workshops from other accomplished artists.  She has since been teaching all ages through school instruction and holding workshops for over twenty years.  After recieving honors and a bursary from high school she attended Arizona State University, taking Life Studies, design and classical dance.  She has also worked with fabrics creating home fashions, while also performing and teaching ballet and modern dance.  Later her work led her to a visual display position for the Hudson's Bay Company; dressing mannequins, creating sign work, and displaying merchandise.   She currently still designs commercial store window displays, commercial floral arrangements, and indoor hotel seasonal displays as well as planning and decorating for numerous weddings, and even cooking (one of her other passions...) for social events up to 50 people. Nicole works in her private studio creating works from small to over 8ft high as well as creating murals for outdoor spaces.  Her two recent large 4ft w x 8ft h paintings commissioned by the local Prince Rupert Catholic Church [...]

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