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Twenty-five years ago, I started oil painting as a creative escape from my day job writing computer manuals. An adult education class “forced” me to paint at least one evening a week. That lasted about 18 months. When the teacher quit, I quit, too. But what I learned really inspired me.

Eventually, I quit technical writing, too, and eagerly picked up my brushes again. Initially, I studied the impressionistic techniques of Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche as taught by Lois Griffel, who then headed the Cape Cod School of Art. At plein air workshops in Oregon, Arizona, and Washington, Lois taught my eyes to see more color.

In 2002, workshops with Northwest artists Diane Ainsworth and Pam Ingalls introduced me to other approaches to impressionism, color, and light. I’ve also studied with Diane Ainsworth, as well as with artists Jane Wallis, Judith Barnett, Juliette Aristides, and Darrell Anderson. And I’ve traveled to workshops with other artists I admire: Carolyn Anderson, Ned Mueller, C. W. Mundy, Robert Johnson, Ann Templeton, Colley Whisson and David Shevlino.
Now I meld what I’ve learned to create my own paintings—color-rich impressions true to the lighting, values, and shapes, yet that encourage you to tap your own imagination for the details.     

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