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     Nicholas Murray will tell you that his earliest memories were of him drawing.  "It's all I ever did when I was little - how I spoke."   His first experience with paint was at the age of five at St. Ann's Center for Children in the surrounding area of Washington, DC.  A nun noticed that he had talent at such a young age and he was allowed lone access to their art supplies almost daily.  "One day I unknowingly placed a lollipop down  into a can of paint.  You can imagine the surprise I had when I reached down without looking and went to finish it."  He warmly refers to that day as his "initiation".  "When I discovered what I could do with that paint, everything changed." 
     With no formal training, Nicholas impressively shows stark images with movement and color.  He often leaves his works untitled, drawing on others' responses and their own interpretations.  Nicholas is currently a business professional based in Virginia, but still paints and is often involved in fine art projects.  He is available for commissions upon request.  
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