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  • Price Range: $20.00 - $375.00
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I haven't always been involved in art.  As a matter of fact there was a time where I felt I could never be an artist.  Oh yes, I could replicate, but I just didn't have imagination, did I?  Well my outlook about art changed dramatically in 1992 when I watched art shows on public television.  I also treated myself to a set of pastels and I was off and haven't looked back yet.    I am what they call a self-taught artist - but boy did I have outstanding teachers:  Old Masters in museums, books, other artists, magazines and videos.
I am fascinated with faces, animals and figures.  So I think the description I would give myself is I am a portrait artist.  I want to catch the spirit and essence of my subject and if a story lends itself that just makes it better.    I was fortunate enough to retire several years ago and gave myself the last years to just experiment and grow.  Now with both time and energy, at the same time, I find I have imagination, a sense of humor and a boundless love of making marks on paper.  I paint primarily with my trusty pastels, but throw a few acrylics in there as well.
To keep up-to-date with my artwork and events, I invite you to join my quarterly email newsletter at http://nmcgrath.faso.com/contact.   You can also check out my blog, http://nelviasworkshopchallenges.blogspot.com for random thoughts, current projects and comments as I continue my art journey.   I sure welcome any comments you may have. 

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