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      Every day we are blessed with an opportunity to wonder and blunder. To explore, adore and sometimes abhor.  We
  learn and we earn, and if we can sense God if we are quiet...why not try it?
     Mama studies joke books six days a week for 95 years until she flew Home. I learned the spirituality of laughter from her.  Humor redirects anxious minds and lifts the spirit.  There are moments of humor, self-discovery, anguish, joy and fear in the creative process.  Like a sort of sacred pregnancy, creating art is private and yet communal.  God is in the process, whether we know it or not.  And the final result allows you to love unconditionally.  Accepting your artwork as complete, you step back and hope others accept your "child".  Our very DNA is in our work, deeper than we know.  
   My prayer for you and for me is to keep the inner child close and keep her innocent and trusting.  May we kind to others and ourselves.  May we honor the gifts we have been given, through our Creator and the DNA of our ancestors.  May we trade fear for faith, and move forward boldly, loving and creating for as long as we have breath.  Amen.

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