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Neda is a self thought artist, who was born in Central Persia in 1974. Her father has been her mentor through out her life. He never had any education in art but he always had artistic values. She grow up in a farm where the mountains and nature had great influence in creating her desire for learning and being creative. She used to sit under the fruit trees when she was little and just paint the trees and bushes with her colored pencils. Born in a country where everything in life was raw and genuine gave her the chance to feel and touch everything in life deeper and more thoughtful. All had great impact in her art and how she felt about it. 
She left Iran in 2002 and moved to England. Which also broaden her artistic abilities by understanding Western culture. She had the opportunity to visit different galleries in London and getting familiar with the English culture. Visiting old monuments and historic buildings all made her more curious to understand the intricate details and become enthusiastic for realism in her paintings. 
She always has been passionate to pass on the feeling of the moment she capture her subject and transfer that to any art lovers to bring peace, beauty and tranquility. 
After about two years in London, she moved to Dubai, which again it was a totally different culture and environment. All these factors have an impact on people and their taste of art. She had the chance not only to witness that but also to live and understand it. Out to her inquisitive nature she got drawn to middle eastern art. It was a period which touched her heart by showing more raw and basic roots of culture of that nature. 
She had the opportunities to paint sunset in beautiful calm desert [...]

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