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About Nat Solomon’s Paintings
   I am an artist who likes to do different Genres of paintings!  I do not like to make 12 paintings of the same subject.  I have been dealing with 6 different themes over the course of my art career.  These themes are Celebrity Sports figures, Pop Music Figures, Politicians, Nautical Art, Abstract Art, and Seascapes.
I have spent a considerable amount of time in the sports art categories. I have done painting of many sports celebrities. Some of the famous names include LeBron James, Peyton Manning, The Yankee five and Mariano Rivera.
  I love to play sports. I grew up playing baseball, football, hockey and basketball in the local park as a young person.  My favorite sport is hockey, and my second favorite sport is football.  Not only do I love to play sports, but I am also a big fan of watching professional sports teams such as the Yankees, Jets, and Canadiens.  In my newest art, I have started creating portraits of Sports Figures, Politicians, and Musical Celebrities.
I am frequently fascinated by the celebrity life of Professional Famous Sports Figures, Music Pop Stars, and Politicians, especially the ones who run for President. My latest paintings evoke responses in a serious way. I find many people in the social media respond either with great praise or great disdain for my work.  I feel that my paintings connect deeply with the soul of the people who are being painted. In painting the music world I did a portrait of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé. I feel that these artist project a kind of magnetic attraction. I find it interesting that a significant body of work is considered 15 to 20pieces.When I look at other artist work and I see 12 paintings of the
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