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Nathalie Frenière was born in Montreal, Canada.
She experimented with different forms of expression and found her true voice in visual arts.
Afterward, she followed master class painting in Montreal and Paris.
She studied graphic design and practiced this profession for fifteen years.
Now, she dedicates herself full-time to her painter's career.
Her work has been shown in galleries and museums, and has traveled to exhibitions in Canada, the USA, Brazil and Europe.
Nathalie Frenière has exhibited with great Canadian painters.
Through her works of both figurative and abstract style, we recognize the character of impressionist paintings.
Her oil paintings exude a quiet, calming atmosphere. She uses a palette knife and thinned oil to create vaporous, enigmatic, abstract vistas.
At once representational and abstract.
Never in front of a work of Nathalie Frenière one does not seek resemblances with reality so much the light incites our personal impulses to the dreams of our dreams and to the waking dreams. “Magazi’n’Art, Michel Bois”

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