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I received my BFA from Utah State University in 1999. Currently I reside in Clinton, Utah with my wife and 8 children - never, ever a dull moment!
Right now I'm teaching art at a few different treatment centers and I love painting along side my students.  I am showing my work at the occasional art show but have a few standing venues that you can check out.  The art is even better in person! -Pat's BBQ in South Salt Lake, The State Room in Salt Lake, Archie's Barbershops in Layton and Clinton and Smokey's on 25th in Ogden.
I'm involved in the public art realm and am trying to do freelance illustration as well. I'm an artist who enjoys many different flavors.
I paint the things that are interesting to me personally and just hope others are drawn to these things. My belief is that this is the best way to work in art. Don't paint for others, but paint for yourself and you are bound to connect with people this way. I am hoping that my passion shows through in the work that I create.
My subjects are mostly stylized figures in a very minimalist environment. The lack of environment seems to put more focus on the figures themselves. I have been influenced by the work of Peter Howson, Thomas Hart Benton, and Joe Sorren. Sports figures and musicians allow for interesting compositions. I continue to push the arrangement and sophistication of the work.  One day I think I'm going to be an amazing artist!

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