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           The random play of chance or the will of the  Creator                               has given Natasha two lives.      The first - Moscow, Soviet Union. Grew up, studied, got married, had a daughter. Completed a Ph.D. Thesis in Astrophysics, worked in the Astro Space Center. Discovery of Quasar scintillations. Publications, Scientific conferences. Exploration of the world via science.       The second - Boston, USA. Grandmother, artist, member of Newton Art Association. Shows, Galleries, travel. Exploration of the world through art.     Intuition, imagination and creativity had significant                     impact in both  lives.     Lines and colors open a new aspect of the Universe. Though some of Natasha works  have  concealed implication, she doesn't like to describe the pictures by words.    " Pictures must be seen.  If  the painting  provokes a feeling of  the viewer, be it of beauty and  the charms, or astonishment and wonder, or pacification and peace, or excitement  and even anxious, I am happy,"--- says the artist"

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