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Natasha Isenhour is known for her distinctive approach to contemporary realism. Natasha paints full-time on location and in her studio in New Mexico. Living only minutes from Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, she finds limitless inspiration readily available. Her style explores local color with a contemporary edge. 
“After embarking upon the challenge given to me by my representing gallery to try landscape painting, I set out to get great photos of all the places I loved and wanted to paint. I struggled with color and value from the photos I had. I knew that I loved the place but found that the photo simply kicked in the memory of what made my heart sing, but the elements that caused that reaction were blatantly missing. I knew I had to go out, stand on the land and see that beauty in order to translate the whole reason I wanted to paint it. Then I’m able to take that knowledge back to the studio to create more accurate, thoughtful work.  Plein air painting for me is a joy. I find that the spontaneity in the field allows for a wonderful finished product in and of itself and only serves to enhance the quality of the work I create in the studio. Often I believe people think that the work done in the field is no more than a study. I contend that everything I paint is a study. The work in the field is perhaps my most “honest” painting however. Direct and sometimes improvisational as the clouds or people interrupt the view of my live model.  I have always felt that all my work is a self portrait. Plein air painting might be the best illustrator of that because I seek to express my emotion more so than a photographic representation. In the [...]

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