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Natalie Villwock-Witte was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1982.  She currently lives in Corrales, New Mexico with her husband and two sons.
Natalie enjoys painting in acrylics to share how she views the world. She paints things that speak to her.  Flowers tend to be one of her favorite muses, particularly roses, because of their detail.  In addition, she often finds inspiration while hiking on federal lands in the United States.
            Some of the artists that Natalie draws inspiration from include Leonardo DaVinci, M.C. Esher and Georgia O’Keeffe.  In fact, her grade school art teacher was one of her most significant influences as she introduced Natalie to the works of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Furthermore, she encouraged Natalie to “fill the page.”  This teacher entered Natalie’s work into a contest, which was a winner of the Fifth District Helen Farnsworth Mears Art Contest in 1996.
            Natalie earned her Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering studying at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and Purdue University.  She also earned a Minor in Architecture.  To fulfill the requirements for her minor, she elected to take two study abroad courses: one took her to Florence Italy, where she studied Renaissance art and architecture and the second to Paris, France where she studied gothic art and architecture.  These study abroad courses inspired her to be a life-long traveler, which also provides inspiration for her art.
            Natalie was juried into the Corrales Society of Artists/New Mexico Artist’ Market in August of 2015.  Her work has been shown at the 2015 New Mexico Art League (NMAL), Art of the Flower; 2015 NMAL Biologique; 2015 NMAL, Small Works; and the 2016 Corrales Art & Studio Tour.

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