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            Natalie Talocci attended William Paterson University where in 2008 she earned a BFA in painting. Although art has always been her biggest passion, she realized art's true potential; that it has more than an aesthetic value, it can say something meaningful.  Works of artists like Keith Haring, who used his art in the Crack is Wack campaign and to raise HIV awareness, showed Natalie that she could use her talent to send a message through her artwork and express her personal feelings.
            In her classes she learned about Kandinsky who created paintings while listening to musical compositions; his work inspired her to experiment with music in her own work. The music of the Beatles was the backdrop. These works were exhibited in the University galleries as part of the Senior Thesis Show and earned Natalie recognition as an artist in her own right. Shortly after, in the summer of 2008, Natalie decided to look for inspiration beyond Western art. A study abroad program in China led by renowned printmaker Zhiuyan Cong, was the perfect opportunity to learn the techniques and styles of Chinese Art. With plenty of experience in graphic design Natalie was chosen as one of the lead designers to work on the Summer Art in China 2008 catalog, which documented the trip and was published in August 2008.  
            Natalie has since been focusing her attention to expanding her repertoire by working on more free flowing compositions.  Jellyfish have become a huge inspiration with their soft flowing lines, translucent glow and tranquil movements. Paired with a dark back drop, these neon aquatic creatures seem to pop off of the canvas.  Colorful peacocks and penguins against vibrant, neon skies are just a few of the other subjects which help Natalie gain recognition with her abstract, [...]

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