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 I was born and raised in Hershey, PA.  My parents are wildlife art collectors, of local and internationally known artists.  They fostered my love for art and wildlife at an early age, while supporting and nurturing my creativity throughout my life.
During my Bachelor’s degree at Penn State University, I majored in Fine Arts.  In 1997, I moved to Oklahoma and married my husband, John who is in the National Guard.  We are fortunate to have two sons, Joey and Jared, who are the center of our lives.  We enjoy spending time together as a family.  I try to secure time to paint and draw between activities with the boys, busy schedules, and work.  
In 2001, I returned to school at Cameron University, where I obtained my Masters of Arts in Teaching.  I decided that I wanted to share my passion for art with children, while fostering their individual creativity.  I am currently teaching at Alcott Middle School in Norman, OK and love every crazy minute of it.  Every day I am excited to see what my students will create.
My focus and passion has always been animals and wildlife.  Fur and Feathers, I like to call it!  Eyes are one of my favorite things to capture of an animal.  In the eyes you can almost see what they are thinking and feeling.  I hope that you will enjoy my animals for  years to come and continue to look for new pieces in the future.  Please remember to add your email to my list and I can update you with new works of art, art shows, or news about my art.  I promise not to bug you about anything non-art related.
I appreciate you reading and taking the time to look at my website.  I hope you enjoy my art as much as I [...]

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