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Natalia Zvonkova was born in Russia. However, she began her artistic career with a move to Ukraine in 2009. The creative spirit in the ancient city of Kiev with its legends and ever-present folklore served as a catalyst for her creativity. After 10 years in Kiev, Natalia moved to Almaty and is currently experiencing a creative rebirth, inspired by the vibrant cultural traditions of the southern capital of Kazakhstan.
Natalia Zvonkova defines her style as figurative expressionism. She likes to start her work spontaneously without a specific preliminary plan. Inspired by the combination of colors and shapes, she creates unique images of people, animals and birds.
Recently a collage technique appeared in the work of Natalia. By creating whimsical images from her own drawings, using various mediums, the artist gets compositions, filled with peculiar details. Large canvases, bright colors and unusual figures create the recognizable style of Natalia Zvonkova.
Allowing her brush to move freely on the canvas, Natalya takes out images from her subconscious, exploring her experiences and emotions.  The main leitmotif of the artist's work is life in harmony with nature and with oneself.
Natalia has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Ukraine.  She also had three solo exhibitions in Kiev. Natalia's works can be found in private collections all over world, in the USA, the Netherlands, Vienna and the United Arab Emirates.

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