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             I  was born on 0ne of America's most famous communes The Farm in Summertown Tennessee and was surrounded by an eclectic group of artists and musicians from the very start. When I was Seven my family settled in rural New Hampshire and built a solar house and ran a small organic produce farm I spent many hours pouring through The History of Art and was encouraged by my family to explore making art throughout my early childhood.
            As young Teen I was gifted my first oil painting set, and was enrolled in classes at The Currier Gallery Musem in Manchester N.H.
In the Late eighties at age fifteen I relocated to New York City's Lower East Side my experiences and the Vibrant melting pot of New York inspired my work with the colors of the real urban landscape and I aspire to capture the vitality of the changing times. I was inspired by the street art all around me and found myself pulled back time after time to The Salons At The Met where I studied The great impressionist Masters.
           I Am mostly self taught and until moving to rural Vermont in my early twenties I never took classes but continued my art practice when I could find time in between working and raising my two young children. I connected with The River Gallery School not long after settling in Brattleboro,V.T. during one of the town's monthly Galley Walk events. One of The river Gallery School's Founders Ric Campman took time out one day during hanging an upcoming show to invite me to sit in on an Adult open studio class (starting in five minuets) and try it out and that invite changed my life. I have been painting for over 25 years now and found my [...]

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