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A month in Antarctica, sailing to Greenland, Labrador and Alaska led painter Nancy Zydler in 2012 to begin a project of creating 50 iceberg paintings.  Additional voyages to Greenland and Labrador expanded that goal in favor of no limitations.

As a young girl in Savannah, Georgia, Zydler attended art lessons at Telfair Academy and on the historic waterfront.  As a young woman at the University of Georgia she lay, along with her classmates, on the floor of the Georgia Museum of Art.  Art history became natural, so that research into her Iceberg Project led her to the works of Frederic Edwin Church and William Bradford, Hudson River School painters of the mid-19th century.  The early modernists Rockwell Kent and Lawren Harris from the first half of the 20th century provided additional contrasting inspiration.

Working in oil, Zydler explores the light of the high latitudes - the different colors of bright midnights and the soft shadows of fog.

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