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About the Artist: Nancy Walters was born and raised in San Jose, California. She is a descendant of the founding families of Pueblo San Jose California. Nancy is proud of her diverse ethnic background and the deep connection many of her ancestors had with the natural world. When she was very young she had pneumonia and was very sick and thought to be dying. She remembers looking at curtains on her mother's windows and seeing a host of animals moving about. One by one the lion, tiger, elephant, birds, snakes, giraffes, foxes, rabbits and all sorts of other animals, came into focus and one by one they told her they would look after her, that she would be all right and that they would follow her for the rest of her days and protect her. Nancy rapidly recovered. Some say it was a fever induced hallucination, some say it was her first vision and first knowledge of her animal guardians. In any case it was the beginning of her life long love of animals which she began drawing in childhood.
Nancy attended Abraham Lincoln High School in San Jose California. She then attended San Jose State University where she initially was an art and drama major. Having to support herself she found it would be difficult to make a living as an artist so she pursued her other passion of psychology. Nancy achieved a BA in Psychology with an Art minor, and a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology and established a successful career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. However, she never stopped developing her art. She continually worked on her artistic techniques and sought training with professionals. After [...]

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