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"The ocean invites endless hours of contemplation. Daily, I observe the ebb and flow of the tides. Slow tuning into the subtle rhythms of water, wind and light. The power of observation and stillness aids me in capturing that gentle, hypnotic sense of calm that I feel during my quiet times by the water. Painting increases my sensitivity to nature, making me feel connected and alive." Nancy PoucherNancy creates representational seascapes and landscapes. Soft pastel is her medium of choice. Pure pigment in a stick provides for a simple immediacy to quickly capture the ever changing light.Throughout her life, she has traveled with pastels and watercolors, sitting quietly in nature in order to record her response to the beauty of place. Painting outside, immersed in the landscape provides that engagement, that interactive relationship, that connection, that sense of awe which comes through her pastels onto paper.Having lived and painted on Cape Cod for thirty summers, Nancy has developed an intimate knowledge of the sea, aided by the great teachers who have been drawn to the artist colony of Provincetown by its legendary light.In October of 2011, Nancy was awarded an artist residency through Cape Cod National Seashore. A two week stay in a remote dune shack deepened that slow tuning into the rhythms of land and sea. Living simply, a familiarity develops as one experiences a place through all types of weather and moods. Painting becomes more instinctual, free and spontaneous.Nancy, the observer is drawn to solitary objects. Stark, simple beauty is at the heart of her work. Not the lofty grand vista from high above but the near at hand, the low view point which provides, for her, a humble engagement with the natural world.Awards: Cape Cod National Seashore Dune Shack Artist Residency through OCARC October, 2011Represented by: Brenda McMahon [...]

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