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Born in Boston Massachusetts, Nancy Parker has been creating art for the enlightenment and transformation of her viewers and self. Since Nancy was a child she has been creating drawings that held an ethereal, cosmic feel.  Never understanding what her own creations were about, as they seem to magically appear through her hand and pencil “My drawings always had a cathartic, uplifting and transformative affect on me.”  This style and theme stayed with her and evolved over the years. 
Nancy graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in 1982 with a degree in Illustration. Subsequently, continued her education at Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts studying fine arts and jewelry design. Nancy worked as a textile lace designer for almost a decade. While working in textiles, she created a jewelry line and later went on to selling her creations to over seventy stores and galleries through out the US.  
Always interested in metaphysics, she began studying meditation and Reiki healing and acquired 3rd level certification at the age of 25. In 2002 Nancy wanted to combine her creative talents with spirituality and healing. She went back to school and became a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Environmental and Personal energy healer through the art of dowsing. Nancy has been working in this field since. She also acquired certification in Vortex Healing and EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Over the years of working with the various healing modalities Nancy’s awareness opened up and she began working as a medium, channeling information for her clients, ultimately assisting them on their path to gaining greater understanding and happiness within themselves. 
In 2013 Nancy went back to her roots in the visual arts and has been painting and creating since. Nancy is based in the New York City area where she feels inspired by both the energy of [...]

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