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There are beautiful moments of life that beg to be explored and embellished, frozen in time, so the fleeting moment may linger in the imagination.   Nancy McVay, Artist
My art education has been varied and eclectic and began at my mother's side.   She always encouraged my creativity.
My artistic journey included
South Plains Jr. College
Texas Tech University
University of Houston, (BS Speech and Hearing Therapy), with numerous art electives
Art Students League of Denver  ( Student of Ramon Kelly and Doug Dawson) Oil Painting and Pastels, Life Drawing
Art League of Wheaton, Illinois (Watercolor and Oil Painting, Mentored by Rebecca Moore)
Mentored by Mansour Ahmed, Cairo Egypt, Watercolor and Oil
Numerous workshops by outstanding artists
David Leffel, Carol Marine, Jill Carver, Quiang Huang, Mary Qian
My artwork has been exhibited and sold in  
Denver, Colorado    Naperville and Wheaton, Illinois,   Chicago, Illinois,  
Cairo, Egypt    Moscow, Russia    Loveland, Colorado    Austin, Texas
For me, my artwork, is about the spirit of adventure, exploring and examining, and taking hold of every passing opportunity.
I am traveling a new intuitive pathway and excited to see what will be revealed on my journey.
Thank you to the many teachers that were generous with their time and wisdom.
Thank you to the many clients who purchased and commissioned my artwork and have joined me on this  amazing  journey.
In light, love, and gratitude, live in the now, the future will be here soon enough.

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