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For many years, Nancy Kress studied landscape, working realistically en plein air.  This resulted in her deep spiritual connection to the natural world. 
Today, her figurative work and landscapes combine realism with abstraction.
Kress’ work has been exhibited throughout the Philadelphia area, including the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art Museum, Art in City Hall, Harcum College and the Goggle Works Center for the Arts, and New York City.
Nancy is a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia/Tri State Artist Equity, and In Liquid. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector magazine, Studio Visit magazine, and the Philadelphia Stories literary I paint, I feel a direct connection to my soul.My work depicts the physical, and focuses on an underlying abstract element.  When my subject is the figure, my ultimate goal is to display an inner projection and identity.In landscape I seek a path, I  invite the viewer to move thru the space and atmosphere that I have created.  I am inspired by the "pull of attraction" present in nature. My paintings tell a story, and in them, I  explore the feeling of surreal.   Connected Disconnect was inspired by my observations on recent travel.  As a society, we are always changing, and in this painting, I am intrigued by the dependence on the state of being "connected".

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