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Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Nancy grew up in Minneapolis with an appreciation of the abundant beauty of the trails, lakes, rivers, creeks and falls. To this day these are among her favorite subjects to paint.
Nancy graduated with a BA in Studio Art from The College of Saint Catherine (now Saint Catherine University) in Saint Paul.  She has previously worked in intaglio print making, watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic. More recently, a continuing series of courses in pastel landscape has reignited a passion for pastel painting and honed her focus on pastel landscape.
​She loves the vibrant radiance and dynamic range of the pastel medium.  Whether working from a photograph or capturing a scene on location pastels are a versatile, exciting and enduring medium that allow her to convey mood and light.  While exploring the pastel medium, she loves to experiment using pastel alone or in combination with watercolor under-painting, acrylic ground, acrylic paint or micaceous iron oxide.  She has worked on 4-ply museum board, pastel paper (regular and sanded), velour paper as well as creating her own unique surface on 4-ply museum board.

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