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The longer the walk, less thinking… more senses can inform.
In the Chinese Garden a poet's practice is to wake early, walk, observe-
 then return to the desk to "write" the forms that come to mind
those from immediate memory…
to trust that the chi will direct the artist's hand.
The more I trust this practice in my own work, the more it is there.
The practice of now…allowing myself to make the art from a sense
of the whole….trusting that what will become is meant to emerge…
Lyrical, organic lines, shapes and form have always fascinated me.
There are no straight lines in nature. Curvilinear lines, spirals, 
layers of textures remind me of both the complexity of plant
structures at the same time the simplicity of their form.
At the base of all the artwork I create is drawing. This is where I start
and this is how I end a piece-no matter what the medium. To
paint in ink and oil is to study color, texture, impression, poetry all in one.
It is immediate and fresh to work with. Other art can follow.
I teach this practice from my studio Atelier NAN. 
Please contact me if you have interest in 
online classes/workshops/private study
[email protected] c.
Atelier NAN (FB) studio/gallery/workshops
Nancy Smith Klos (FB) current artworks/projects
Nancy.Klos(Instagram) AtelierNANGallery20 (ETSY)
Portland, Or. USA

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