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Have you ever had a recurring dream that stirs your soul to the point of discontent?  Art as a full time focus came later in life -- after education, raising children and surviving various careers. Suddenly, I kept having a recurring dream where I wandered through my house, only to find an unoccupied room that I didn’t know existed.  After lamenting about it, my sister found a dream interpretation book and that opened exactly to my dream… “you have an unrealized talent waiting to be discovered.” Somehow, I knew instantly I was meant to paint! I began taking classes from artists that I admired and even enrolled in school to work on my MFA.  My years as an interior designer naturally led me to working with colors and compositions.  What I had confused as a nightmare awakened a latent passion that has brought me great joy.
The love for color has been a large part of who I am -- recognizing its impact on tone, mood and feelings.  At a young age, I was busy rearranging furniture, designing doll clothes, painting everything I could find -- paper, furniture, walls -- doodling, drawing and creating. From childhood to today, from grade school art class to painting in my studios, my passion to create art in many ways has always defined me. Harmonious surroundings have always given me great satisfaction as I work diligently to beautify.   
Today I am fortunate to have two studios, one at home and one a few miles from our house. I love being surrounded by my paints, brushes, tools, a supply of canvases and works in process. Constantly inspired by the things I see and my loved ones around me, I paint both the figurative and the abstract. Starting with large blocks of colors and then slowly adding the [...]

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