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Until I retired in late 2018, I had an active career as a psychologist.  Psychologists are immersed in a world of words, and I longed for a non-verbal, physically expressive outlet. In my mid-30's, I enrolled in my first painting class. As someone who believed she could barely draw a stick figure, I was beyond surprised at what emerged, and what a gift to uncover a hidden part of me I never knew existed.
Across a span of 30 years, in spite of a busy professional life, I continued to explore painting, studying with many local, national and international painters. As I sought to express my internal world in more powerful visuals, my painting continuously evolved, shifting from an old masters style to impressionistic to contemporary, until eventually I arrived at abstraction about 4 years ago.  By shedding the weight of representational art, I finally felt free to explore the limitless combinations of the artist's basic toolbox and exploit the wonderful qualities of paint in new ways.  It is just you, the paint, your brush or knife, and whatever emerges from conscious and unconscious processes.  Best of all is the chance to discover along the way the real joy in the act of creation.
I often think of abstract painting as the visual equivalence of jazz.  As the New York Times arts critic Jon Pareles once wrote: jazz celebrates "the verve, spontaneity and open emotion of improvisation.  That resonated deeply with me since painting abstractly is for me an authentic and powerful way to express the emotional experience of being alive.  Instead of musical notes and syncopation, I play with the basic visual elements of color, line, value and form to create a rich and complex visual experience that reflects my inner world in a way that is unplanned, expressive and unique.   To me, it seems the purest form [...]

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