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Nancy Fly is a South Texas oil painter, fiddler, accordion player and dog owner.  She spent much of her working life in the music business in Austin, Texas, but now resides in Harlingen, Texas where she works in her studio and pursues her art career.  Her work is in private collections across the region and the U.S., and she exhibits both locally and across the state. Her volunteer work with humanitarian organizations in the Rio Grande Valley is an important part of her involvement with her community. 
Artist Statement:
I grew up on a ranch outside of San Antonio, Texas, and then moved with my family to Corpus Christi, Texas for high school.   My deep roots in the expanses of the Texas landscape and its rural culture have shaped my creative energies throughout my life, and instilled in me a love for the outdoors.  
I consider myself a contemporary impressionist and evolving abstract painter.  I love painting outdoors, and great fun comes from taking a limited pallet to a beautiful location for painting in a two   or three hour burst.  Later I may come home and elaborate on my sketches in a larger painting. 
The way light lands on subjects -- perhaps a band of light along someone’s shirt, a splash of light on a particular rock, or the reflection of the sky in the water of a moving stream -- all these things make my heart race, and cause me to grab my paint or my camera.  My goal is not to impart a direct representation of a scene, but rather to convey the feelings I had while witnessing a particular moment in time.  When approaching landscapes or portraits, I prefer to paint only from life, or from my own sketches and photos.
More recently I have begun to explore abstraction as a way [...]

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