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I’m an oil painter who focuses on the figure, alone or in groups, but the true subject of my paintings is light and color, and how it can be manipulated to create the impression of realism with flattened planes of color.  
My paintings, taken from direct observation and from my own digital photos, convey my love of both the subject matter and the paint I apply in creamy, sometimes dripping, strokes. 
I paint figures, alone or in small groups, surrounded by familiar objects. I look for universal images which we can all recognize. They are contemplative, caught in the moment between actions -- the pause between the notes. I work from snapshots, life sketches and my imagination. 
My works are montages -- figures I combine to tell a story, backgrounds that enhance or alter the narrative, fragments that improve the composition or graphic elements that dramatize the design.
I work out everything on the computer. A computer has been central to my work since 1982. Lately I’ve been more willing to reveal the composite nature of my works by showing the edges of each component and adding painterly effects for the finished design.
Inspirations have come from Richard Diebenkorn’s ability to mesh subject and ground, Josef Albers on the push and pull of hues and the effects of grays on surrounding colors, and on Alex Katz’s use of flat planes of color to define contours. The result is works that are literally figurative, but visually abstract.  
I studied art as an undergraduate at DePauw University in Indiana, and continued my art studies at The Art Students League in NYC, Millersville College in PA, and Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I created a publishing and conference company that addressed the use of microcomputers in the financial industry. After twenty-two years of business, I retired to focus on painting full time. I was a member of the [...]

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