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is best described by Catherine Finnigan (nine years old) in her poem:
"Art is the wind blowing in my face
Art is the framed world of expression
Art is the bloom of spring
Art is light of hope
Art is the dawn of thought"
    This wisdom from youth describes better than I can what being a painter means.
I did not start out to be an artist, but spent more than three decades as an enviromental activist who working to save the land, water and air for the  future  Since,  I have preserving nature through painting of the  beautiful world  around me, the people I encounter and the objects they hold dear
     I have studied art at a local college and through many, many workshops with well-known artists.  Learning something new about painting is what excites me most,  and I want to keep on learning and growing.  Presently, I have the privilege of teaching  "love of painting" locally in Howard County, Maryland.  Spending weekends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland I am able to paint a landscape that is a feast for an artist's eyes. 
     Colors and the healing properties thereof is also a subject that I have studied.   The colors on my palette include the colors of healing. 

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