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“As a painter, my greatest desire is to evoke human presence and story telling on canvas. In a world of emotionally removed people, sensitivity to interaction between the portraits and figures are key when the focus is on the narrative. My paintings combine the lighting techniques of a cinematographer with the classical methods of the old masters. Painting in the 21st century should not be a replica of the past and the academic, but a progressive movement forward using a contemporary subject matter, composition, and a unique style.
-Nanci France-Vaz


“As a painter my greatest desire is to express humanity via the narrative. In a socially detached world, my hope is to draw the viewer in, like a cinematographer, by evoking the psychological moments and mood of my subject in the environment. As human beings, we have many layers, patterns of past and present that are constantly moving from one form or idea into another.”
Nanci France-Vaz was born in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in 3d Computer Animation for Film and Special Effects, and studied figure and portrait at New York Academy and Grand Central Academy. Her primary teachers were Michael Grimaldi and Dan Thompson. Currently, she is a student of the LOP program with Ani Art Academy Waichulis.
Her inspiration and influences are the Pre-Raphaelite, and Naturalist periods of art, poetry, literature, and symbolism. Nanci combines her strong foundation in life painting with imaginative backgrounds fusing classical with contemporary realism. Having studied Stanislavski Method Acting allows for a spiritual connection to her subjects expressing emotion and mood. Her study of lighting and movement, through acting, dance, and theater is the catalyst for creating a still image from a cinematic process. As a visual artist, she is the director of her film that tells the story.
Nanci’s style has developed into Modern Romantic and Imaginative Realism as a result of her passion for all the arts, and humanist ideology. Her series, Bohemian Spirits and Mysticism combines myth, hope, spiritual beliefs, and the human condition. Most of her models are professional musicians, artists, actors, and dancers. She is inspired by their passion and energy when she directs them. They can relate and understand her concepts and ideas in a naturalistic way. Most of the paintings have patterns that are in the background and become part of [...]

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