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...one that I think about while painting. When I paint, I paint mostly in silence. Color, detail, paint, brushstrokes and patience are my language of deep peace, connection, and satisfaction. My voice, for many years silenced by circumstance, has become full throated with time. It speaks loudest in my paintings.
My artist's motto is Fidem (fidelity), Irrevedentia (irreverence), Superbia (hubris). Fidelity, because there are times when I paint as faithfully to my subject matter as my ability level will allow; out of love. Irreverence, because life and art should poke some fun, be silly, and sometimes scandalize. Hubris, because if I don’t pull out all the stops and try to knock a painting out of the ballpark every once in a while, I’d be a sissypants. And I don’t want to be a sissypants.
I’ve been here, knocking around on Planet Earth, for almost seven decades. I’ve succeeded at some things; failed miserably at others. I’ve loved, loathed, worked hard, parented, married, divorced, married again, divorced again, married again (well, maybe that’s not like most people), been a caregiver, lost some of the darlings of my life and gained others. And concerned myself with cellulite. Some decades were good, some passable, and some totally sucked. There have been some covenants with consistency: I’ve always had dogs, I’ve always loved the natural world, and painting has always thrilled me.

 I paint using acrylics, oils, and digital media. The thought/message dictates the medium. I apply the paint thickly, paying close attention to each brushstroke and other times work layer upon layer of thin, light-refracting glazes. Sometimes I work digitally with a stylus and tablet. I’m honored that my paintings are included in personal and corporate collections around the US. 
Western Colorado is [...]

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