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Welcome to my website!
I classify my works among several collections: Civic Inspiration/Suburban Debris, Found Objects-Nature and Abstract Linear.
Civic Inspiration/Suburban Debris - The politics of our times offer endless content for art works. To capture the moment, sometimes I turn to graffiti. Often, for a lighter touch, I embrace a whimsical style. For my civic works, my style is mixed media, generally I integrate found objects. Among other discarded materials -- the all too common detritus of our everyday lives -- I routinely incorporate discarded cardboard, plastic, fabric scraps, metal scraps and shards of old compact discs. It is cathartic to assemble assorted discarded objects, and strategically obscure them in layers of gel and colorful paint. Additionally, when I sort discarded objects and include them in my works, I feel in some small way that I confront change. 
Found Object Art- Nature - Gladly, the beauty of nature, and the routine of everyday life, often draws my attention away from civic matters. The changing seasons--flowers, trees and plant life--and differing geographies offer countless textures which I include in my work. Also, of course, there are darker issues that require attention.  I am attentive to the environmental challenges of our time, including rising water, melting ice, fire and debris (plastics and other).
Not surprisingly, my life experiences contribute to my divergent art styles. A number of my earlier works are in the form of linear, Mid-Century style abstraction.  When I seek clarity, I revert to this style. I find this form comfortably familiar.
Works for Sale:  See "Available for Purchase".  Please contact me for a price list.  
You can also find my art at Artquid.com.  Artquid. com.  
I am a member of the Maryland Federation of Art.
Please visit my Virtual Exhibit for—“Texture and Color: 2020”. Go to the page “Virtual Exhibit“ on my site. You will be [...]

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